Hostelworld is the world’s largest hostel booking platform which inspires young travellers to get out and explore the world. The social experiences of their users are the key motive behind this company. They want young travellers to explore new cultures, meet new people and come back with stories to tell. They want their users to get out and #MeetTheWorld. Hostelworld has over 10 million reviews across 36,000 properties in more than 170 countries which signifies them to be the leading online hub for social travelling. With their website and mobile app operating in 19 different languages this also makes them multilingual and open to a large-scale audience. 


After exploring my client alongside my target audience, I feel a campaign spread across social media as well as printed posters, flyers and billboards around the student campus may enlighten the students to begin with and help create a buzz within their physical environment as well as their online lives. Connecting print and online together via snapchat codes will grab the target audience’s attention and be easily shared throughout social media, getting the spreading the campaign message quickly, freely and directly. I feel with universities and colleges getting on board with the campaign (using print around college) will entice the students to travel, as their educators are encouraging it and giving them confidence that travelling when studying is achievable. 


I feel by incorporating print into my campaign I can surround the target audience even more directly in their physical world – where it will reach a wider audience and not just those interested in travel already. Having billboard posters on or near college campuses as well as near local shops will catch the target audience at a subconscious level. This will intrude into more users lives who are not studying but would want to travel. I also feel with the college promoting travel to learn, their students will be more prone to doing so. With adding a Snapchat story code to printed posters, this will allow the students to scan, connect and become more involved in the campaign as well.

Social Media.

With Instagram slowly becoming the more leading platform of social media and already having many influential student travellers of this age group I found this is one platform I would like to highlight in my campaign. I feel this method will let the target audience share their experiences through imagery and videos with the hashtag being the collective. This will form an archive of student travellers around the world and the places they have visited and experiences they have encountered. It will create an inspiring hub of travelling whilst studying and influence other followers to join in.
The second social media platform I would like to involve is Snapchat. Through use of Snapchat Stories any user can document or add videos or images from their daily experiences whilst travelling. This will let any followers watch and explore with the students on a more personal level and become inspired to follow suit. Furthermore, this can let the target audience become involved in the campaign again and share their story.


The microsite will be the final step for my user to take in the campaign. The QR codes will also lead the user to the 360-degree photograph of the destination that will be seen in the QR code itself. These will be again displayed through the microsite. The QR codes will have their own section within the microsite so users can flick through the rest of the 360-degree photos. Also, on this site the user can browse the campaign hashtag photos that have been uploaded from other users. Each hashtag having its own section again. At the bottom of the site there is a submissions form which will let the user subscribe and enter their details and image from their travels to enter into the ongoing competition. Which is of the best travel photo. Whoever wins this will win a weekend trip to their selected destination for themselves and three friends. Furthermore, there is also a link to the Hostelworld’s own website where the user can check out places they may want to travel and the hostels that are in them areas, this may lead to more custom for the company.