Here I wanted to create an app which helped full-time students, who also work part-time (and may even be a parent) gain some extra experience within their field whilst studying, as well as earning some help with life’s necessities along the way! 

I had decided to name my app Zeal Market, as I feel this portrayed the main message of my overall thought process and design. Zeal standing for enterprise, initiative, devotion and much more along with Market, which I feel demonstrates the whole practice behind the app itself. 

Initially I had thought on a crowd-sourcing app which will let students chose their projects, and in return perhaps win and get paid. Although there are many of these already existing and one downfall for the students would be spending a lot of precious time with no outcome. Therefore to overcome these hurdles I decided to create an app which works with the business seeking design products chose which particular student they want to create their work based on the numerous student portfolios they can view when choosing. This gives the company more control on their side as well as avoiding any students wasting valuable time and getting nothing in return. 

Once the business has chose their ‘designer’ they want to create the work, they then send a direct message to this student with a proposal of what they are seeking alongside what they are going to give in return. This then will appear on the students app and in return they can accept the offer, decline it or else accept it along with requesting something different in return. This gives the business and student the ability to communicate through direct messaging on the app. 

Once the terms are agreed the student can start designing the work and then forwards prototypes, and pdf files forward to the business. The business will then accept the designs or explain any changes which they seek. Once final designs are agreed upon the student will receive the trade they accepted. 

By trading both parties services and not involving money, this allows for the transaction to be tax free as well as the app offering an alternative option for business’ who are sourcing designs. The students will also not just gain experience creating designs, but alongside that they will gain a customer based experience which they will not be taught whilst studying.