Design Project
Brief:What is the definition of ‘exit’? If opposed to ‘remain’ or ‘arrive’, then what are the definitions of these? Can exit have positive connotations? Using the word “..EXIT” as a starting point, develop a self-initiated design project that will demonstrate a synthesis of your design skills. 


“I joyfully await the exit – and I hope I never return.”

Frida Kalho has always inspired me as a designer, as she has come up against so many barriers since a young age but always managed to break through these and succeed. I feel her dedication to her work and her life journey should be celebrated and be made known to more people. Many people today know of Kalho, but yet do not know her full story and how empowering she is. With females in today’s world looking up-to many celebrity figures to get inspiration from, I feel there is something missing from these role models. Kalho was not just about her distinctive look, she has ambition. I feel a lot of women today are so focused on their appearances they don’t push themselves or each other to reach other goals they may have in life, for example becoming an artist, musician or even a business owner.  We need to inspire more women to find their inner ambitions and become successful and to not just follow the crowd, but to stand out.

‘Be a Kalho in a world of Kardashians’        

 ‘Be more Kalho’

Target Audience

My target audience is 8-15-year-old girls. The main objective behind this campaign is to help empower women to set out and reach their goals in life. I want to inspire girls to learn, become more educated and to achieve.  When researching this audience, I found the main platform where their influencers are based on is social media and Youtube. This has become a new world of its own with its many bloggers, vloggers and social influencers. Female of all ages find themselves following the lives and stories of these people day to day and become entranced in a world where they try to impersonate. This is where I want to target and influence these women to imitate Kalho and never give up on their life journey to success and have their own identity.

Design Objective.

Through researching my target audience, I feel a campaign would be the best way to spread my message and reach the audience. I feel through the use of print I can reach a wider range of people at all ages and this would enhance the campaign overall. Although social media platforms would need to back up my print to help spread the campaign further, as this is a main platform for my age range today.

The three words I would use to sum my campaign up are:




Campaign Deliverables:

For my campaign, I want my message to highlight the importance of not to just follow the crowd, but be you and do what you love to do, even if no-one else is doing it! Therefore, I want to create a tagline that will enforce this inspirational message as well as bring the campaign together as a whole. I also want to entice the target audience to ‘do something’, therefore a verb in my tagline will implement this. Some of the taglines I would like to use within my campaign are:

‘Be a Kalho in a world of Kardashians.’

‘Kalho Yourself’

‘Be more Kalho.’

‘Kalho Yourself’

‘Be different, be Kalho’

‘Kalho Yourself’

If I am going to have this campaign spread across social media platforms, I feel a hashtag is necessary. I would like to use these taglines collectively to ensure there is more than one message coming from this campaign.  


For my prints in this campaign, I would like to place them around my target audience’s day to day environment. I therefore have opted for posters to be placed within shopping centers, were all age groups would visit regularly with family or friends. I also have place them at bus stops and other public transport points as my age group cannot drive yet, therefore this would be their mode of travel. I have also created billboard displays as I feel when my designs are enlarged to a bigger scale it will stand out and become even more eye catching. This will not only create a buzz around my campaign but also get more people talking about it (word of mouth).

Social Media


I feel this is a platform which I most definitely will use as it not only will reach my target audience, but will also reach the parents of these. This will furthermore help raise awareness of my campaign and get more people involved overall. This platform is a digital version of my prints for online advertisement.

If I had more time I would have liked to use an interactive tool to get the user to engage with the campaign itself. For this I was thinking on using some form of game or quiz as it would connect with my age group best.


Twitter is the same rules as Facebook advertisements.


Alike the other two forms of social media platforms I will use my digital prints to advertise the campaign. Although the hashtag will be more prominent on this platform. My adverts and daily facts about Frida Kalho will be posted daily on this page. This will inform my audience about Kalho and the foundation, furthermore attracting more people to joining in.

For this platform, I feel it could be used in a different technique. This could expand to getting the audience to join in on the campaign. I was thinking of them uploading a photo of something and using the hashtag to create a collection of the audience’s real life scenarios.

The main objective is to get the audience to engage with the campaign and encourage them to be unique and really enjoy the little different things they do more often. This platform will also use the story feature to take videos during workshops to let the audience immerse themselves into them more and understand what exactly happens. I will also use this feature to let the user swipe up to sign up, donate or purchase items.


A snapchat filter and subscribe story is my approach on this platform. Alike Instagram the stories would feature video clips from the workshops themselves as well as feature swipe up on stories to sign up or purchase merchandise. Another step to take would to create an interactive game on this platform. If time had of been on my side I would have produced an idea for this.


I have created a QR code which once scanned will direct the user onto the microsite. This site will be set up to inform the audience about Kalho, and why they should want to “Be More Kalho”. I also feel this site is the biggest impact as it will allow the user to locate local workshops and sign up to them.

There is a donation option on the site which will furthermore finance the whole foundation. I have added a shop to the site to sell the branded merchandise. This will again add more money to the foundation as well as spread the campaign at a larger scale when the merchandise is being used. It will create a lot more touchpoints. Although I only got to design a few items for merchandise I feel my designs could be printed across a large range of items. This could grow as the campaign grows.

A gallery containing images from the workshop will be uploaded onto the site to let the user see what they are like. Hopefully this will generate more interest and give them a better understanding of what to expect before attending a workshop.


The next stage of my campaign would be to team up with a well-known high street shop, which my audience and their parents may shop in. I would like to have a pop up stand to sell the merchandise here. These shops would include Topshop and RiverIsland. I want to keep the point of sale in a trendy environment to be more appealing to my audience. This may also attract more age groups and create a bigger ‘buzz’.

With a collective campaign reaching out on numerous platforms of online and offline platforms, I feel I will touch a large scale of my target audience and let my message be seen and heard. With the interactive side to my advertisements I feel I will evolve more of the younger age group and create a more exciting buzz around the campaign altogether.